Free Photo Booth Sign! web meandering paid off today!  Check out this fantastic & FREE Photo Booth Sign.  It's totally customizable too!  You can use your names & they have some great color choices.   I used the couples' names for one of our weddings coming up this weekend.  Wow.  Huge thanks to the Wedding Chicks for their generosity in sharing this cool design.

What I would suggest doing is printing the sign on heavy cardstock, hole-punching where the dots are on the side, and hanging with ribbon from a tree at your reception.  Paper Source makes awesome thin ribbon in beautiful colors, I would suggest looking there!  My other idea is to cut around the cloud shape, rubber cement down to wooden signs, and drive them into the ground (venue-permitting, of course!)

Here's the link!

Enjoy, I hope to see some of these at our upcoming weddings ;-)